2021 Coronavirus Guidelines

During these very uncertain times it is hard to say exactly how we will be operating this year, for more info regarding how and when we will be opening in 2021 Please click the View Offer button.

2021 Coronavirus Update For Our Guests

Trevarth Holiday Park 2021 update for opening in response to Covid-19

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Whilst lockdown is still upon us the general news regarding Covid-19 seems fairly positive. Following the governments announcement made earlier this week we are now a little better placed as to how and when we will be opening/operating. To make things as clear as possible we have listed below when each type of accommodation will be opening.


Holiday Homes:


Our holiday homes will be opening from Friday 16th April.


Touring Caravans and Motorhomes (self-sufficient only):


Fully self sufficient touring will be open from Friday 16th April. Please note all of our shared facilities will be closed until further notice (potentially until July or beyond, for more info please read the Tent info below). Water and chemical disposal will be available.




Whilst we have some campers booked in already, we are not currently accepting anymore camping bookings for 2021 as there is a very high chance anyone who has booked a camping holiday before July (and possibly after) will not be able to stay and will need to be deferred to a date of their choosing. This is due to the following. It is still a very grey area regarding when we will be allowed to open up our facilities for camping. The government have mentioned the possibility of camping being allowed toward the end of May, but in the same breath said social distancing is not going to be eased until potentially July. What this means, is that some parks with larger well-spaced indoor facilities will be able to open for camping, whilst other smaller parks like ourselves will not, as it will come down to the ability to be socially distant whilst using these shared facilities, much like last summer. Unfortunately, it is not possible to socially distance in our shared facilities. All of this is very much up in the air at the moment and can obviously change as we move further into the summer. As soon as social distancing laws ease for indoor areas we will be revising our position on accepting camping bookings. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.



Covid-19 guidelines for 2021

Please note Reception will remain closed as it is effectively a part of our house. A mobile phone number will be emailed to you 5 days prior to your arrival like last year for you to contact us on during normal reception hours listed below.

• Please make sure you have a good holiday insurance whether you are staying in a holiday home, touring caravan/motorhome or a tent as we will only defer a booking/holiday if you have tested positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of your arrival date, and can forward proof that this is the reason for cancellation. We will also defer your holiday if you are subject to government restrictions forbidding you to travel. All other reasons for cancellation will not be subject to deferral and no refunds will be given as per our Terms and Conditions. Please note if we are still in a Tier system come opening we will refuse entry to anyone living in a tier that forbids them to travel.


• Holiday home Arrival and Departure: Please call us on the mobile number that we will email to you 5 days prior to your arrival, approximately 1 hr before you arrive at Trevarth (Cornish border). At this point we can inform you which unit you have been allocated and we will be able to give you an estimated time you will be able to occupy the unit. Due to the extra cleaning involved for Covid-19 this maybe as late as 6pm on a busy day (if you do not receive an email please call us on 01872 560266 opt 1 and we can give you the necessary mobile number). Please do not turn up without first calling, this is to avoid too many people waiting in the car park which could cause social distancing issues. We advise you download and print the park map off of our website so that you can easily find your accommodation http://trevarth.co.uk/our-cornwall-caravan-park/holiday-park-map/ . On departure please ensure all of your dishes and cutlery have been washed and dried (this may seem a bit random but it is amazing how many people don’t) this helps reduce risk for the staff cleaning the caravan, and leave all windows throughout the caravan open on the window catch so that the unit can air before being cleaned, again this is to reduce risk to staff. The key needs to be dropped off at the reception door where a box will be left for keys to be deposited.


• Touring/Motorhome Arrival and Departure: On your day of arrival please do not pull on to park before 12pm (midday) this is to ensure our car park does not get too busy and that you can pull directly onto your pitch. Once you have arrived please pull up in the first car park and call the mobile number that will have been emailed to you 5 days prior to your arrival. A member of staff will come out and guide you to your pitch. Your touring caravan or motor home will need to be parked on the left-hand side of the pitch whilst looking toward the pitch as close to the hedge/fence as possible and your car can be parked on the right-hand side of the pitch. If on a hard standing the caravan and awning must completely fit on the hard surface and not on the grass, your car however can park on the grass beside your caravan/awning. Departure is no later than 11.30am


• The Laundry room will be open on a 1 adult in 1 adult out basis no children will be allowed in this room. Unfortunately, the iron and hairdryer will be removed again to reduce risk, as well as reducing the likelihood of a queue forming whilst waiting for someone to finish their ironing. Please use the hand sanitiser provided on entry and exit


• If talking to a member of staff, please allow at least 2 meters between you and the staff member.


• Should you require assistance whilst on your stay please call the phone number that we will provide, we are available during normal reception opening times (Please do not come to Reception as it is closed for 2021)

Mon – Thurs 9am – 1pm and 2pm – 4.30pm
Friday – Saturday 9am – 5.30pm
Sunday Closed – Emergencies or Arrivals only

Should you require us due to an emergency then please call the same phone number (this will be emailed to you the week prior to your arrival)


• In the event you require us to come into your holiday home to fix something for example, you will first need to call us, if the issue requires immediate attention we will ask you to vacate your unit leaving all of the windows open for a minimum 30 mins before a member of staff investigates the issue (this is for staff safety). For less urgent issues we can arrange to sort out any issue whilst you are out during the day. On arrival we recommend familiarising yourselves with the fuse board location (inside the wardrobe of the double bedroom), as 99% of our callouts are due to a blown light bulb tripping the electric, in this instance it simply needs resetting by pushing the trip switch up. If you let us know that a bulb has gone, we will replace it the next time you go out


• Visitors/friends/family who are not staying on park are unfortunately not permitted. This is to keep the number of people on park to a minimum


• If you have suffered with Covid-19 within 14 days prior to your arrival, you MUST NOT come on holiday, please call us and we will defer your holiday. Proof of positive Covid-19 test will be required in order to claim a deferral.


• If in the event anyone in your party feels unwell with Covid-19 related symptoms whilst staying with us, you must immediately self-isolate as per government recommendations and contact 111. Please inform us via a phone call immediately. Should you need to self-isolate in the caravan for longer than your booked stay (if the unit is available) you would be liable for the full rental cost of the unit to be paid upfront.


• Whilst we are providing hand sanitation at key locations on park, it is still advised to bring your own with you and use frequently where possible


• Car parking is provided by 2 shared car parks for holiday homes once again please apply common sense in regard to social distancing, if someone is getting in/out or loading their car please allow them time to finish and move out of the way


• Above all else please be considerate and respectful to everyone on park be it a fellow customer or a member of staff, these are stressful times for all and people have different levels of concern regarding the virus

We look forward to welcoming you!