Special Offers

Want to save on your next or caravan or camping holiday in Cornwall?

We regularly have great money-saving deals available here at Trevarth, so your holiday budget can stretch that little bit further! Check out our latest deals, below…

2 Week Discount…

Look to save on a two-week holiday in Cornwall? If you book two consecutive weeks in one of our luxury holiday homes we’ll give you £50 off

This offer can be used in conjunction with the 2 person discount.

2 Person Discount…

Book one of our caravan holiday homes and save if there are only two or less people in your party. You can save £30 off the price of a 7-night stay for two or less people.

This discount can be used in conjunction with the £50 two week discount, giving a total discount of £110 for a 2 week stay!

Please note, should you have an extra person regardless of age, stay in your caravan, even for 1 night the 2 person discount is forfeit.

The Pine Holiday Home is not eligible for this discount.


Free WiFi…

Free WiFi is available across the park. Please note the WiFi is intended for web browsing, checking Emails etc. And not for streaming tv or gaming, whilst it is possible to stream tv etc it is not guaranteed.  Signal strength can depend on your caravan location as well as other external factors.


We look forward to welcoming you!